What if you never ran out of awesome poses at a shoot?

Even if you're in a super boring environment.

A quick reference guide for photographers who photograph women.

Imagine having posing options to use in ANY situation you might find yourself in?

This $9 digital book with 1,500 poses is a must have!

For example, let's say you found yourself in a bind... you have a high paying client but the location you chose only has hideous furniture, despite what the photos of it showed.

You have zero props!

Have no fear.

Turn to page 75 and you'll find 50 different poses (tons of variety) using ONLY the floor...

Over 10,000 photographers have purchased this quick guide...

All the poses are in 17 different categories

for easy quick reference like:

✔️ wall

✔️ couch

✔️ bench

✔️ bed


✔️ stool

✔️ chair

✔️ standing

✔️ movement shots

✔️ sexier poses

✔️ detail shots

✔️ and so many more

📲 Download this book and save it to the home screen of your phone for easy access during your shoots.


$9 - Digital Pose Book

  • 360 pages with 17 situations/categories

  • Immediate digital PDF download

  • Save to your phone screen for easy access

  • Money back guarantee

Sells on our shop for $36

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hey there!

I'm Marissa Boucher

I'm the owner of The Boudoir Divas in San Diego and Nashville.

I've been in business for over 20 years, we've photographed over 4100+ women, many of them flying to us from all over the world.

The success of my studio has been mind-blowing and I know a huge reason our clients love us is our confidence behind the camera and our ability to coach them through a large variety of fun and flattering poses.

"I attribute much of our success to our confidence in posing"

This pose guide was first created as a tool to train my staff. We quickly realized that we use it for every shoot and it needed to be available to all photographers- hence the super affordable price

We've since updated it. With all the "data" from our 4100+ clients I know for sure what poses clients end up wanting after their shoot and ADDING to their albums.

Thousands of photographers have purchased this and let me know how much this tool has helped them. I hope it helps you too.

With Gratitude,

Marissa Boucher

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This digital book sells for $36 on our shop. That's a secret 75% off discount!

And you may never see this page again. We put this book in the vault for years at a time.

Get the digital version of this book to put on any device you wish.

Get the digital version of this book to put on any devices you wish.

*No physical copies are for sale.

We get asked that a ton but because this book is 360 page of color photos the quotes we are getting are around $65 for 1000 copies.

We are in the photography business not the storing and selling books business 😉

Here's Exactly What You Will Get in Your Instant Download:

360 Page  Digital Book (PDF)

Visual shot guide with more than 1500 beautiful images categorized into 17 sections:

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